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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

Week In Review: Friday Dec 31st

Happy (Almost) New Year!  And thanks once again to Skadi Nordic for sponsoring this week in review.  As the Tour de Ski get’s rolling, here’s what we’ve been up to this week: We looked a bit more closely at the link between qualifying in the top ten and going on to do well in the […]


Race Snapshot: TdS Prologue

I debated whether these snapshot graphs would be sensible for the prologue (and also some other TdS stages as well) since the race formats during the Tour are a bit odd, so comparisons to the past are fairly tenuous.  Also, I think the prologue event is kind of dumb, but that’s just my own bias. […]

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NOW Is It Panic Time For The Norwegian Men’s Distance Team?

Back in September I wrote a post looking at the supposed woes of Norway’s male distance team.  The bottom line was that, yes, by various measures things haven’t been looking as good lately for the Norwegian men’s distance squad.  With the first period of racing completed, and more rumblings in Norway about their poor performance, […]

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2011 Tour de Ski Preview

Ok, so this isn’t much of a preview.  Rather it’s just a bird’s eye view of what happened last year using some bumps plots.  Here’s how things played out for the men: The median skier can sort of be thought of as the “peloton”.  As you can see, not much happened until Stage 5, the […]

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Mid-Season Review: North American Sprint

Continuing on from my last post on North American distance skiers, let’s jump right in with the sprinters, starting with the men: No fancy metrics here, just what place people finished in.  Once again, red is this season, blue is last year’s Olympics.  Alex Harvey’s sprint race in Kuusamo was unusually good for him.  Simi […]

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Mid-Season Recap: North American Distance

With the first period of WC racing in the books and the next one just around the corner, I’m going to look back at the results of the North American skiers so far this season.  The theme of this post is context and expectations. One of the reasons that I started this blog was that […]

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Technique Preferences: Italy

My post on the differing performance of Japanese skiers by technique (classic vs. freestyle) got a lot of positive responses and a few requests that I use the same methods on some other countries.  First up is Italy. I’ve tweaked and refined my model a fair bit, hopefully for the better.  The basic idea is […]

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