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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011

Whether She Has 46 Or 52 WC Wins, Marit Bjørgen Is Very Fast

So I guess I need to post something again about how many WC “victories” Marit Bjørgen has, ground that we’ve covered in considerable depth before. The occasion for revisiting this topic is FIS’s press release trumpeting the fact that Bjørgen has officially reached 46 WC victories, matching the great Björn Dæhlie. As we discussed in […]

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Was Bjørgen vs Kowalczyk Really An Issue This Season?

Doogiski over at NordicXplained has a good post up regarding the rivalry (such as it is) between Marit Bjørgen and Justyna Kowlaczyk. The issue between the fans of these two great skiers is the question of which one is better. Shocker, I know. Doogiski gives a good rundown of some of the limitations of comparing […]

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Week In Review: Friday Mar 25th

You may have noticed that things have slowed down a bit here lately, which is natural with the season drawing to a close. I’m going to back off a bit with the posts and try to keep to just a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule during the off-season as best as I can. Some things I’m planning on […]


Leif Nordgren: Man of the Future?

I promised a separate post on Leif Nordgren earlier, so here it goes. I don’t really have any fancy analysis to present, but here’s his results in major international competitions (WC, WBC and OWG): Obviously, the guy is young and this is his first season skiing on the WC circuit “full time” or mostly so. […]

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Finn Haagen Krogh: Northug 2.0?

Norwegian youngster Finn Haagen Krogh had an excellent weekend of racing at the World Cup Finals in Sweden recently. Here’s a look at his distance results (using FIS points) up to this point: He was having a pretty darn good season even before this last weekend, having moved his typical race down to (or just […]

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The Difference Between Mass Start And Interval Start Races In One Graph

Thanks to some help from Jan at, I’ve been slowly gathering the split time data for World Cup races from this season. Analyzing them is tricky, though, for a variety of reasons. First, the data quality is poor. There are numerous instances where the live timing data is obviously wrong in a way that […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC Mass Start

And…..we’re done for the season!

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