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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

Race Snapshot: IBU World Cup Men’ 20km

Nice start for Lowell Bailey, Jean Phillippe Leguellec and Jay Hakkinen….Go North America!

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Kuusamo Recap: North Americans

A decidedly mixed weekend for the North Americans, something we’re used to by now I suppose. I suppose that Kikkan Randall and Alex Harvey were the main bright spots, as well as Len Valjas’s excellent sprint race. Let’s start with some of the American women: Kikkan really has started quite strong in distance races. Many […]

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Odds + Ends From Kuusamo

Annsi Pentsinen Doogiski over at NordicXplained asked how Pentsinen’s 4.3 second win in qualification on Friday stacks up historically. Quite impressively, it turns out. That’s the second largest qualifying round winning margin for the men’s field in WC, OWG or WSC races. The only larger one was almost 10 years ago, with a 4.7 second […]

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo 10/15k Classic Handicap

I can’t remember if FIS even calls these pursuits or handicap starts or whatever anymore. They keep changing the names of things…and they seem pretty confused themselves, as they once again posted the mini-tour stage results for the men in place of just today’s results (but not for the women). As per usual, with these […]

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo 5/10k Freestyle

FIS has decided to make my life more difficult than usual, by not posting the actual results (as of this writing), but only the cumulative tour standings. (And no, putting the real results in a PDF doesn’t count. PDFs are the file format of Satan.) So it took me a while to work around that. […]

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo Classic Sprint

I’ve been saying that in order for Kikkan Randall to have a shot at winning the WC sprint overall title, she’ll have to dramatically improve her classic sprinting. Looks like she may have done just that…

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Missed Medals

Missed Medals A reader asked on Twitter the other day if I’d recalculate the tallies for Kris Freeman’s top ten, top three, etc. results if we went back and removed a certain Estonian skier from prior results sheets. I’m going to preface this with some standard caveats about how I can’t know for sure when […]

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