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{ Monthly Archives } January 2012

Skofterud’s Early Season Strengths Update

Back in December I posted a short note about how Vibeke Skofterud has a tendency to ski considerably better in the early part of the season. Since we’re in the midst of a break between WC periods I thought it might be good to check in and see how things are progressing: Those are her […]


Andrew Musgrave at Norwegian Nationals

First of all, I’ll echo Nat Herz’s big ups to Andrew Musgrave for finishing second at Norwegian Nationals the other day. I’ve always been a bit fascinated by Musgrave, probably because North Americans identify with any reasonably successful, promising skier not from Scandinavia or the usual European nations as fellow “outsiders”. So I’m always kind […]

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Noah Hoffman’s Pacing

I was interested (rather than offended) to read about Noah Hoffman’s pacing strategies in Sunday’s classic WC race. I have a limited supply of data on split times (what I do have is thanks to Jan over at, though) so the following data is definitely incomplete. Hoffman seemed determined to not start too fast, […]

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Otepää Sprint Recap

I think I’ve been remiss in mentioning this, but as always thanks go to Jan at for helping to provide the heat times for these sprint races. Let’s see how the men’s finalists fared first: There were apparently some crashes in this race, as evidenced by the outlying slow times. But in general I’m […]

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Race Snapshot: Otepää 10/15km Classic

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Race Snapshot: Otepää Classic Sprint

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Jessie Diggins + US Men’s Biathlon

Jessie Diggins I’ll confess that I don’t much care for team sprints, so I suppose it’s not a surprise that I was more impressed by Diggins’ individual sprint than her podium performance paired with Kikkan last weekend. When I collect results data, I only track age very crudely, using the year of birth indicated by […]

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