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US Development – Women

I’m going to run two quick posts looking in on some of the US’s top men and women in the development pipeline (all that really means is that I’ve mostly, but not completely, excluded some “obvious” US Ski Team members). We can check in on how these folks are doing by using my cohort plots, […]

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Pre-Olympic Performance

The Sochi Olympics are naturally going to be the focus this season, and all the attention during Olympics is on winning medals. So naturally, much of the conversation of the next six months or so is going revolve around “Who’s going to win a medal at Sochi?” Well, from one perspective, the answer is pretty […]

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Most Unimproved: Women’s Distance

Last of the distance events, this time the women who stumbled the most this season compared to last:   As always, I’m graphing only one of the several metrics that are blended together to select these skiers. In particular, note that Anna Haag doesn’t look like she belongs on this list. However, several of her […]

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Most Improved: Women’s Distance

Now for the “most improved” women’s distance skiers on the World Cup circuit this season, compared to last season. As always, this is based on an amalgamation of measures, in order to include improvements in one’s average performance, as well as one’s best races. Here are the top 12:   As usual, due to some […]

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Best Distance Skiers With No Wins

I couldn’t just leave Tuesday’s post without doing the same thing for the distance events. So here is another moderately curated selection of skiers who have never won an individual distance race, and yet their median result is better than 20th.   Half of Skofterud’s distance races she’s placed better than 13th, but she’s never […]

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Best Sprinters With No Wins

I received a request last week to look at sprinters who have had very good careers, but have never won a major race. I took a fairly simplistic route to this, and grabbed all the skiers who have never won a WC, OWG or WSC sprint event, and then simply calculated their career median result. […]

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Race Snapshot: WCF Mass Start


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