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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012

Dario Cologna’s Quietly Dominant Season

Cologna won the World Cup overall, but I always feel like he’s sort of in the background compared to other top skiing personalities. Doing well in the World Cup overall rewards not just speed, but showing up at tons of races and skiing fast. For instance, let’s check out his won/loss record versus the next […]

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Points In Europe vs North America

If you hang around skiing in North America long enough you will eventually hear people talking about point differences between races in Europe and North America (or the US in particular). One of the most common forms of this is the complaint that penalties (and hence points) are artificially high in the US, compared to […]

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A Few End Of The Year Numbers

Just to follow up on a few tweets over the weekend… Skiers from 10 different nations had podium results in men’s events, and only women from 7 different nations did the same. The nations with the most podiums are in stark contrast. For both the men and women, you of course have Norway in the […]

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Jessie Diggins and Young Talent

Earlier this week I tweeted a little nugget I stumbled across: that Jessie Diggins now owns around half of all top 30 results for US skiers 21 years old or younger over the past two decades. In contrast, the most any single Norwegian contributes over the same time period is around 10% of all their […]

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Quantifying Technique Speed Differences: Sprinting

Like last time, we’re looking to quantify somehow the average difference in speed (in sec/km) between classic and skating. Only this time we’re focusing in on sprints. Organizing the times for the heats is a bit of a challenge, so I’m only going to consider the qualification round. So essentially we’re just looking at speed […]

Quantifying Differences In Average Speed Between Classic/Skating

I received an email recently from a reader who pointed out to me that Marit Bjørgen completed the 30k classic mass start in Oslo this season in 1:26:09.8, last year at World Championships Therese Johaug did the same course, mass start, skating in only 1:23:45.1, which is only a difference of about 2.8%. Surely, skating […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU World Cup Mass Start

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