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TdS 2010 vs 2011 Performance

Like last time a look at the performance of skiers from different nations in this year’s TdS and last year’s.  As always, click through for full versions, as these are somewhat large: Again, apologies if your favorite country isn’t shown. The Russian men actually seem to be doing about the same, with a handful of […]

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Tour de Ski Rest Day 2 Recap

As expected, Stage 6 saw quite a bit of movement (as well as skiers abandoning due to illness): A couple of the men are really quite a ways off the back; I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some of them pack it in.  Stage 6 created a lot more “clumpiness” with the men, although […]

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Tour de Ski: Leaders & North Americans

Once again, not much commentary here, just some graphs showing some notable individuals progress through the tour.  I haven’t highlighted all the leaders, per se, just some of the top people and some other interesting ones. No one’s likely to touch Kowalczyk for the overall, although there’s a lot of racing left to be done. […]

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Tour de Ski: Comparison To 2010

An excellent suggestion from the comments was to redo the graphs by nation, but overlay them on top of the same data from last year’s Tour for comparison. Easily done!  I’ve pruned back the nations plotted even further to focus more heavily on the big guns, and it also enhances readability.  Also, keep in mind […]

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Tour de Ski Rest Day Recap

I’m not going to provide much analysis here, just the graphs.  Feel free to pontificate in the comments.  First up is the overall Tour rank after each stage: The two day pursuit created more chaos in the overall placings than I expected.  Somewhat more significant movement in the sprint in Stage 3 with the men, […]

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2011 Tour de Ski Preview

Ok, so this isn’t much of a preview.  Rather it’s just a bird’s eye view of what happened last year using some bumps plots.  Here’s how things played out for the men: The median skier can sort of be thought of as the “peloton”.  As you can see, not much happened until Stage 5, the […]

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Recap: Davos Sprint Con’t

One of the interesting things we can look at with sprint races is differences between the various heats themselves, rather than individual skiers.  Interestingly, reconstructing this information, namely who was in what quarterfinal or semifinal, using just the split times took a little bit of thought.  Not a monumental challenge, but it was a bit […]

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