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Race Snapshot: WSC Women’s Pursuit

Once again we have some potentially misleading FIS points, as Bjørgen, Kowalczyk and Johaug skied away from the field a bit. I’ll have a closer look at the results that adjust for this on Monday. It was mostly the usual suspects at the top, but what a race for Maria Rydqvist, though!

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC 8 Men/Women’s Pursuit

What a crazy story for Lowell Bailey today! Too bad, hopefully he can channel the frustration into skiing fast next time around.

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Rybinsk: Pursuit Recap

A bit delayed, since I spent a goodly portion of Saturday running, and most of the entire weekend without internet. With the small fields it can be a little tough to interpret results from these events, to be sure. Particularly when the distance race was a pursuit, which often lead to artificially low FIS points […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC 7 Men/Women Pursuit

More strong racing from Lowell Bailey and Sara Studebaker.

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Race Snapshot: Rybinsk 10/20km Pursuit

I care about the Rybinsk races, even if lots of other people don’t. Not surprisingly, a Russian guy won the men’s race, but I’m not sure it was the Russian most people were expecting. Also, exercise some caution with the FIS points; it appeared to be a very tactical race so everyone is pretty close […]

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U23 Pursuit Recap: Women

Just a quick follow up to my earlier post examining some of the North American men in today’s U23 pursuit, this time for the women. I’ll just focus on three ladies: Sadie Bjornsen, Caitlin Patterson and Alysson Marshall. Here’s the graph for Bjornsen: Today’s race (blue) seems neither much better nor much worse than she’s […]

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U23 Pursuit Recap: Men

As before, with the U23 racers we typically have more data to work with, since these folks have generally been around longer and so are likely to have raced against each other more often. We’ll continue using the percent back difference plots, that examine how a particular skier has fared against each of their competitors […]

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