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Some Notes On Marcus Hellner

Since I was pondering Marcus Hellner’s season just the other day, I thought I’d take a closer look at how his result tend to shift over the course of a season. He has struggled during the later parts of this season, but has that been true before in general? Here are his results in distance […]

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A Tough Year For Sweden?

It struck me glancing at the results last weekend that I feel like Sweden has been having a bit of a sub-par year. Which might seem a little strange, given Johan Olsson’s recent return to form, but hear me out. Certainly, they’ve had some skiers with some great results. But I feel like overall they’ve […]

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European Mid-Season Review

This will just be a short note with similar graphs as last time, only for a few of the major European nations. Men’s Distance Sweden continues to generally improve. Note that in terms of top thirty performances, Norway has steadily declined over the years, but not among the top ten or better level. So they’ve […]

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Sweden’s Men’s Sprinting

Just a quick note (no graphs) with some historical perspective on the Swedish men’s performance in yesterday’s sprint race. It was somewhat of a surprise seeing Marcus Hellner win, and indeed the Swedes put three (Hellner, Jönsson and Modin) all in the top 5. As far as I can tell, the last time the Swedish […]

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WJC/U23 Assessment: Finland, Germany and Sweden

Ok, this will be my last post on WJC/U23s, I promise! As we did before with the US and Canada, and then Norway and Russia, these graphs are simply displaying each WJC or U23 result for each nation (in finishing place, not FIS points) with the median tracked in red. As usual, I’ll keep my […]

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Odds and Ends after Otepää

After all the hype, particularly last season, regarding the major (though seemingly friendly) rivalry between Petter Northug and Marcus Hellner, it’s been interesting to have it all sort of fizzle out this year. Northug’s been struggling with getting back into form after being sick, and Hellner also struggled somewhat during the Tour de Ski. However, […]

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NOW Is It Panic Time For The Norwegian Men’s Distance Team?

Back in September I wrote a post looking at the supposed woes of Norway’s male distance team.  The bottom line was that, yes, by various measures things haven’t been looking as good lately for the Norwegian men’s distance squad.  With the first period of racing completed, and more rumblings in Norway about their poor performance, […]

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