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Tour de France Charts

With the final stage complete, it’s time to wrap things up with some final versions of the charts I’ve been making over the past week. Actually, this isn’t really the final post. I’ll be tinkering with some of them and posting what I come up with from time to time. Also, the fancier, SVG (scalable […]

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Tour de France Charts: Stage 17

Inspired by the slightly different charts found here, a chart of a different flavor today.  At that link, Martin has wisely adjusted plots of time back for each stage by the median.  I’ve taken that idea and plotted the time back in the GC category for each stage, but I’ve split it up by team […]

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More Tour de France Data Visualizations

JunkCharts was nice enough to feature the Tour de France charts I’ve been playing with as a break from skiing data.  I learned via one of the commenters there that (unsurprisingly) I’m not alone in this game.  See here for a handful of similar charts, including ones from previous years.

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Which Tour Stages Have The Biggest GC Shakeups?

My good friend, and general cycling expert, Cosmo recently tweeted about what he perceived as more GC (overall ranking) shakeups taking place in Tour de France stages with a downhill finish as opposed to uphill, mountaintop, finishes.  He then followed that up with a comment to that effect, linking back to my bumps chart as […]

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Tour de France Bump Chart: Stage 16

Another couple stages in the books, time for an update of the bumps charts.  Contador’s still in yellow, Hushovd is back in green and Chartreau is still in polka-dots:

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Statistical Skier: 1, SVG: 0

Take that vector graphics animation! For an explanation, see my previous effort. Reminder: This should work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But consider it experimental. Reloading the page should restart the animation. I confirmed that this won’t work in Firefox, and that the one SVG plugin for Firefox has been discontinued by Adobe (although apparently […]

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Stand Back! This Graph Is Alive!

This was just too cool for me not to put up on the site, even though I’m not completely happy with it. The data are fairly simple: add up the sprint and mountain points across all riders on a Tour de France team for each stage. So for each stage, each team gets the ordered […]

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