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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011

Biathlon Briefs: Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector

It’s always nice to see my countrymen (and women) skiing fast, so it’s been fun to see Lowell Bailey and Laura Spector posting some good results on the IBU World Cup scene over the past several weeks. Let’s just check in and see how these results compare to their past: These are only “major” races […]

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The Mysteries of Andrus Veerpalu

Update: In light of recent events (as of Apr 2011) a lot of people have been visiting this post, so I thought I’d point out that I’ve updated it with a slightly more focused look at Veerpalu’s record here. To mark last weekend’s World Cup races in Estonia, I thought a post on Andrus Veerpalu […]

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Otepää Sprint Recap

As always, heat time data supplied by Beginning with the men: Ola Vigen Hattestad went progressively slower as the day wore on, though often there are tactical reasons for that depending on the speed of your heat. And of course, he ended up second. There is also the issue of skiers switching between classic […]

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Odds and Ends after Otepää

After all the hype, particularly last season, regarding the major (though seemingly friendly) rivalry between Petter Northug and Marcus Hellner, it’s been interesting to have it all sort of fizzle out this year. Northug’s been struggling with getting back into form after being sick, and Hellner also struggled somewhat during the Tour de Ski. However, […]

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Björgen vs Skari vs Välbe

Marit Bj√∂rgen returned to action this weekend in (mostly) convincing fashion. It’s becoming very interesting to see whether anyone will be able to beat her in a distance race. She certainly has shown some chinks sprinting, with Kikkan Randall stealing a freestyle win and Petra Majdic grabbing a classic victory yesterday. But with another World […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC 6 Women’s Mass Start

Haven’t checked her skiing time, but five misses probably isn’t what Laura Spector was hoping for today in the range. Better luck next time!

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Race Snapshot: Otepää Classic Sprint

I like double poling as much as the next guy, but the course today sounded a bit on the flat side.

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