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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

How Well Prepared Are World Cup Rookies? (Part 1a: Distance)

Every season a new crop of young skiers cut their teeth on the World Cup circuit.  These might be new national team members racing on the World Cup full time, or they might be Nation’s Group athletes who receive a start as part of a host nation’s extra start allotments.  Each nation likely has a […]

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Welcome to Statistical Skier! I’ve somehow managed to amass a fairly impressive database of international skiing results (what can I say, I really like data) and cross-country skiing has been a huge part of my life.  I wrote a few articles[1. I’ve reposted them in the preceding posts.] for this spring exploring some of […]

Victims & Nemeses

This concept is shamelessly stolen from these guys (Thanks, Colin!) and is decidedly in the “less serious” end of the spectrum.  A potential victim is awarded one point every time you defeat them by fewer than ten seconds, two points if the race happens to be an Olympic or World Championship event.  The same goes for […]

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Performance vs Age Redux: Grover’s Graph

[Note: This article first appeared here.] Chris Grover recently mentioned a graph, “Every athlete who is being nominated to the U.S. Ski Team this year has something in common.  They are on the path to winning a medal. This medal could from the World Cup, World Championship or Olympic Winter Games, but they are on […]

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Trends In US Skiing Performance: Sprint

[Note: This article first appeared here.] Welcome back for the second half of my article looking at trends in performance by US skiers (as a group) on the international scene.  Last time we looked at distance events, so now it’s time to turn to sprinting.  Before we move on, if you haven’t read the first […]

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Trends In US Skiing Performance: Distance

[Note: This article first appeared here.] An endearing facet of cross country ski racing is the seasonal rhythm it introduces into our lives.  Summer, fall and winter each hold unique rituals and landmarks of training, racing and recovery.  Spring brings with it its own rituals, among them retrospection on the season just completed.  Athletes around […]

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Variability In World Cup Ski Racers

[Note: This article first appeared here.] Kris Freeman recently commented on his blog, “I am a serious contender for the most volatile and inconsistent skier on the world cup”, in reference to his disappointing races at the Vancouver Olympics. Every cross-country ski racer knows that you can’t always race at your best, all the […]

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